Coaching is for you if you desire growth and change in your life, organization, and/or relationships, and are willing to invest the time, energy, and resources to do so.

Coaching is for you if you are open to identifying patterns, habits, and beliefs that are not aligned with the who you are committed to being, and are interested in learning and practicing new patterns that can transform how you show up in your life, organization, and/or relationships.

Coaching is for you if you are willing to be truly seen, heard, and known.

Coaching is for you if you are up for me seeing you and your shit, and loving the hell out of you anyway.


Coaching is not for you if you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis. In that instance, please seek immediate mental health treatment.

Coaching is not for you if you already have all that you want in all areas of your professional life, relationships, and physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In that case, you keep doing you, Boo.

Coaching is not for you if you want someone to tell you what to do. As your coach, it’s my job to support you in generating clarity around your own answers, rather than giving you my opinions and advice. A good coach will empower you to choose your own adventure, rather than assuming they know what’s best for your life.

Coaching is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix. Coaching at its best supports people in creating permanent shifts in long-standing patterns, beliefs, and ways of being. While I am a firm believer that change can happen in an instant, maintaining and sustaining transformation does not happen overnight.

WHO IS coaching not FOR?

What types of things do you help people with?

Develop Effective, Authentic Leadership Skills

Generate More Fun, Better Communication, and Deeper Connection

Create and Sustain Deeply Satisfying Relationships

Establish Self-Confidence and Self-Trust

Design Business Goals that Support the Life You Want

Revamp Self-Care and Well-Being Routines that Actually Work

Develop Boundaries that Support Healthy Relationships and Work Flow

Make Business, Relationship, and Life Decisions that are Aligned with Your Values and Purpose

Produce Satisfying Results in Any Area of Your Life


What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and therapy can both be extraordinarily valuable modalities. I personally feel that many folks can benefit from both! In fact, many of my executive coaching clients value receiving high level support in all areas of their lives, and may work with a therapist at the same time they are working with me as their coach.

In a nutshell, therapy is a form of mental health treatment designed to address issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or trauma. On the other hand, coaching provides the tools, structure, accountability, and clarity to envision and articulate future goals in life, relationships, and/or leadership, and then produce profound results. Coaching supports people in accelerating their results and amplifying their impact.

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How can I work with you as my coach?

Thanks for asking! The first step is to book a connection call, where you'll have the opportunity to share what you're up to in your life, leadership, and/or relationships, and what you'd like to create through working with a coach. At the end of the conversation, if we both feel excited about the possibility of further collaboration, I'll either extend an invitation to work with me as your coach, or offer to schedule a complimentary coaching session together as a next step. 


I want to work with you, but live outside of Charlotte. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! I meet with the majority of my executive coaching clients remotely, via Zoom. 


What’s your methodology?

My professional coach training is based in ontology. That's a fancy way of saying that the work we do creates changes on the inside, so that your outsides reflect those changes. Your results are a direct expression of transformation. I also utilize Brene Brown's Dare to Lead distinctions, Positive Intelligence tools, and Conscious Leadership methodology. Throughout it all, I incorporate mindfulness and somatic practices. 

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What If I want to work with you, but can't afford coaching right now?

I get it! Coaching is an investment in yourself at a high level. When I hired my first coach, it was a huge stretch for me. Many years later, at this stage in my professional and personal development, I can't imagine NOT working with a coach. And, it's not always the right time to hire a coach. Wherever you are in your journey, I invite you to check out my free resources: 1) Weekly newsletter (signup at the bottom of this page); 2) From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman podcast; and 3) Instagram (@carrie.wren). And, a pro tip: many companies have executive coaching funds available for their leaders; you just have to ask.






3 sessions/month
small group coaching

3 sessions/month
1:1 private coaching

Team Facilitation:
half + full day


what makes this different?

While some coaches work on surface level “fixes,” my clients and I dig deep to get to the heart of what’s in their way, so that we can create a clear path forward. My previous background as a licensed therapist and many years of additional training in coaching and other related fields allows us to take coaching to a deeper, fuller, more robust level. I’m not as interested in making you feel good temporarily as I am in supporting you to do the sometimes challenging and uncomfortable work that leads to real, permanent change.

my clients are seen, known, and cared for. That’s important because connection is as important as the air we breathe.  Through our work together, my clients develop deep trust in themselves and all that they are capable of.  and from there: anything is possible.

"I highly recommend Carrie Wren to anyone seeking solid ground or looking to chart a new course in life. I met Carrie through her soulful yoga classes and felt drawn to begin coaching with her as well. I started our coaching journey with a specific 6-month goal: to leave my current job and start a new one. Within two weeks of beginning coaching, I had already secured the job of my dreams and given notice. After landing my new job, I continued coaching with Carrie to deepen my self-knowledge of who I had been, who I was, and who I wanted to be. Now that I have completed coaching (for now!) many months later, I reflect on my time with Carrie in awe. Carrie is like that friend who runs alongside you in a marathon, tossing you sustaining water exactly when you need it most. I can now say with confidence that I know my essence, I feel sure of my path and purpose, I feel in control of the intentions I set and the patterns I create, and I’ve added some tested tools in my box for when I get stuck. Thank you, Carrie, for never judging, always loving, always challenging and supporting me.

- Elyse, Charlotte, NC


 "I can now say with confidence that I know my essence, I feel sure of my path and purpose, I feel in control."

“I began working with Carrie Wren in a time where I was seeking a major life shift – in my career, relationships, and daily life. Carrie has helped me identify and loosen my tight grip on old and false narratives of myself, and to embrace my truth. In this, I have gained so much trust, confidence, and belief in myself. In just a year of working with Carrie I went from working a draining job, to running my own wellness business that fully nourishes me. My relationships and boundaries have been strengthened, and daily life looks like what I used to dream of. Carrie is a vessel of love, support, truth, presence, and light. If you are feeling the pull to work with Carrie, listen and take action. Invest in yourself, I promise you are worth it.”

-Casey Jean, Yoga Teacher + Herbalist, Charlotte, NC


 "I went from working a draining job, to running my own wellness business that fully nourishes me."

"Have you ever experienced unconditional trust from another human being? No?! You should definitely hire a coach! Carrie trusted me before I trusted me. Working with Carrie and being trusted to make the best choices and decisions for myself has given me the space to grow into a person that operates from a place of deep seated inner trust, integrity, and smart (and fun) risk taking. I’m always given time and space in our sessions to feel the uncomfortable feelings that get in the way of me taking action. I get to express myself fully, without judgment. I leave each session feeling empowered and excited about my life! Imagine that! My advice: call Carrie and hire a damn coach already!

- Heidi, Life Coach, New York


 "I get to express myself fully, without judgment."

"When we first started working together, I felt a lot of anxiety around what other people thought of me. I wanted to find consistency in my thoughts, feelings and emotions and also wanted to focus my energy on being comfortable in my own skin and stop worrying about what other people thought of me. By going through the coaching program, I was given tools and practices to help conquer some of my emotions, fears and anxiety. I am very much an action type person, so having practices and assignments each week really helped me to learn about myself and see things differently."

- Kristen, Project Manager, Chicago


 "I was given tools and practices to help conquer some of my emotions, fears and anxiety."

"Our time together was the first time in years that I prioritized my personal goals and happiness…Once I made that small step it was easier and easier to make that choice in my life. As our time together continued the tools and insight on how to set my long term goals and vision for my life keep me on the path I wanted and not swayed back into traditional life choices."

- Michelle, Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, Charlotte, NC

 "...first time in years that I prioritized my personal goals and happiness."

"When we started working together, I had been experiencing a lot of the ‘not good enough’ thoughts in a variety of settings- work, relationships, place in the world, family. I felt like I was letting ‘failures’ define me, and felt guilty and shameful when acknowledging those issues. Coaching was worth it. For me, it created new way to examine the life I’m creating- to redefine what is success, what is good, what is acceptable, according to my own values, views, and experiences."

- Rachel, Yoga Instructor, Charlotte, NC


 "...created new way to examine the life I’m creating- to redefine what is success."

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