in travel, adventure, connection, and play. I believe in experiencing life outside our comfort zones, and expanding our view of the world. I believe that travel and experiencing cultures different than our own in communion with others allows us to connect with ourselves, others, and life on a whole new level.

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I’ve been leading yoga retreats for 10 years, across the U.S. and all over the world. I’ve co-hosted retreats in the mountains of NC, Napa Valley, Costa Rica, Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Greece, Thailand, and Peru. One thing I’ve found through hosting extraordinary experiences for adventurous yogis is that experiencing travel, self-discovery, connection, and yoga among a community of similarly curious and engaged individuals will transform you, if you let it. If you haven’t joined us for a yoga retreat yet, you’ve been missing out on something really special. We are NOT your average yoga retreat.

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I've found some of my most profoundly joyful, heart centered, core shaking moments while traveling the globe- whispering softly to trees, walking barefoot on the Earth, and going on the occasional giggle fueled, good-humored, profanity laced rant- because sometimes there are some ugly truths about life that warrant a good ‘ol sassy “dammit”. Through years of these internal and external journeys it's become my life's passion to facilitate and hold space for those along their own personal paths. Let's giggle, curse and journey together.

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Carrie’s retreat to Spain was a delight for the senses! Not only was it a wonderful opportunity to step out of my daily schedule and focus on daily yoga practices and self-care in a spectacular setting, but the attention that Carrie applied to planning the types classes she offered each day to match the mood and energy of the particular day , the time of day and the day of the week was an added dimension. There were a variety of types of yoga offered and it was a joy to learn new ways of opening the body and mind. In addition to the yoga, rest and time to do whatever my heart desired, there were opportunities to learn about the area , it’s history and to savor the flavors! It was a remarkable experience shared with a great group of people. Thank you Carrie!”

-Maria, Spain Retreat 2019


 "...a wonderful opportunity to step out of my daily schedule and focus on daily yoga practices and self care..."

"The retreat of a lifetime! Carrie brings you into a most free and connected experience. Adventure meets Relaxation can’t be beat! And what a treat to have Yoga twice a day surrounded by Nature and New Friends.”

-Hayley, Tulum Retreat 2018


"The retreat of a lifetime!"

"It was a beautiful opportunity for transformation. New friendships were formed, fun and meaningful memories were made, and by the end of the trip, we each had a new family with which to return home."

- Matt, Tuscany Retreat 2015


"...a beautiful opportunity for transformation."

"This trip was amazing and just what my soul needed! Perfect combination of relaxation, meeting new friends, awesome food, fun and YOGA!”

- Lisa, Tulum Retreat 2018

"...just what my soul needed."

Gratitude. Not just the kind of gratitude where you think, ‘oh yeah, I’m thankful for that.’ But the kind of gratitude that goes from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. That aches in your bones and fuels every
cell of your being. That makes your heart swell to bursting and break at the same time. This trip has changed me. Taught me lessons I didn’t know I needed to be taught and lessons that I am continually relearning. And for that am I so grateful…For Carrie who is soulful and deep, and who can make you question everything and reassure you that you know the answers all at the same time. For Kelly who leads with strength and poise and humor and adventure, who can offer you support at exactly the right moment but will also be open and vulnerable with you in exchange. For each of my retreat family members who showed up for themselves with radical self-reliance and showed up for each other with trust and integrity. I will have this experience always.

- Susan, Thailand 2020

"I will have this experience always."

I had the honor of joining and documenting Explore & Expand Retreats in Thailand! Kelly and Carrie do an amazing job at crafting an experience like no other. Like they say, it’s not your average yoga retreat. Like I say it’s fucking soulful. It’s full of adventure and pushing beyond your limits. It’s discovering your radical self-reliance on the other side of the world, while also being supported unconditionally by friends you’ve just met. This not a chill and chillax kind of retreat. Albeit there are those moments, there are also moments of sweaty palms, heart pounding out of your chest, tears from fears and find your breath so you don’t pass out kind of moments. I am so thankful for this growth, connection, and soul expanding experience.

- Amelia, Thailand 2020

"...full of adventure and pushing beyond your limits."

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