Hi, I'm carrie wren

let's get to know each other.

In the midst of this transition, I also deconstructed most of the rest of my life. On purpose. I began to intentionally (though not especially gracefully) dismantle the life I’d carefully constructed out of “should's” and “supposed to’s,” and rebuilt the life that called to me from deep in my heart and bones.

To support me in doing this deep and purposeful work, I hired a life coach. She became one of my “pit crew of people”- Anne Lamott’s term for the people in our lives who help us get put back together when the wheels fall off. My first coach, along with many other coaches and teachers I’ve worked with during and since an extensive life and leadership coach training in 2016 have supported me in creating a life that aligns with my deepest desires, needs, and values. 

Now, as a Professional Certified Coach (who still teaches yoga!), I get to have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you: highly intuitive, deeply authentic, no bullshit, and consistently relating to you as your highest and best self, even when you forget who you are.

I’ll never forget my first yoga class.

I didn’t understand most of the moves and felt a little self-conscious, but I remember that at the end of the class in savasana, I cried. I couldn’t explain it, yet there was a sense of peace and connection I wasn’t used to feeling.

As I continued and eventually developed a consistent yoga practice, I discovered that I was able to finally feel grounded and at home in my body in a way I hadn’t experienced before. At the time, I was a mental health therapist, and realized the same tools and techniques I was learning on the yoga mat could benefit my clients. That led me to enroll in the first of many Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2009. I found that teaching yoga allowed me to support others in getting connected to their minds and bodies in a way that felt exponentially more authentic and aligned to me than my role as a therapist, and so:

I did the unthinkable, and left behind a decade of my curated professional role to teach yoga. 

The short version: I am a life and leadership coach, yoga educator, facilitator of bucket-list yoga retreats, globe trotting adventure seeker, and Doggie devotee. I am committed to Connection, Empowered Expression, and Transformation: for myself, my clients, and for the world.

If you’re like me, you want to know about qualifications and credentials before you hire someone.  Here are mine.

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
Core guide to senior executives, chief
Dare to Lead  Trained

Master of Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

creator, from Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman 



Now, when you really know me

I’m just as delighted in a vibrant market on the other side of the world where I can’t speak the language, or climbing a far flung cliff overlooking the ocean, as I am curled up on my sofa with my dog and a favorite book of poetry.

That I'm constantly planning my next hike, bucket list trip, or adventure.

You’d also know that I take my coffee iced, my cocktails extra bitter (no ice), and my chocolate fair trade and as dark as it comes.

enough about me. This is about you!

My client roster includes C-suite executives, VP's and Senior VP's, small business owners, non-profit board members, therapists and psychiatrists, creatives, founders, and other interesting people. While their roles are diverse, they all seek me out as their executive coach for similar reasons.

Maybe some of them sound like you.



Do you desire to finally take time to replenish your mind, body and spirit and practice taking excellent care of yourself?



Do you wish you could connect with an experienced, compassionate teacher and coach who “gets” you and is dedicated to supporting you in meeting your goals?



Do you recognize that true change takes commitment, rather a “quick fix?”


feel better

Do you hope to learn practical techniques to help you manage stress, relax, energize, or simply feel better in your body?



 Do you crave change but aren’t quite sure where to start?



Do you suspect that there is so much more to an authentic, fulfilling life than you are currently experiencing?



Do you sense that it’s possible to not only enjoy, but to RELISH life, without taking it {or yourself} too seriously?



Do you long for mental + physical well-being, more calm + balance, greater ease, and an abundance of gratitude?

If you’ve been nodding your head all this time, please accept my warmest welcome. You’re in the right place.  And when you’re ready to chat, please email me. I’m here to support you in living a life that is worthy of you.


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