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Want to experience benefits of yoga like stretching and relaxation without actually doing yoga?

do you Feel tense, tight, stiff or stuck? Have trouble slowing down? Hard to stay present or feel connected to your body? Thai Yoga Mobility Therapy is a deeply relaxing, revitalizing, hands-on healing practice consisting of a series of flowing, assisted stretches and pressure along the body’s energy points and meridians. At its core, this practice is based on four essential cornerstones: loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity, which are infused woven into each session. My clients consistently describe our sessions as a deeply meditative experience, resulting in a profound release from mental and physical stress.


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If you are open to receiving caring, compassionate, healing touch. If you are open to receiving an energetic and physical experience of deep relaxation. If you desire to feel more grounded, present, and at home in your body. Initiating a healing and empowering relationship with your body in a safe, supportive space.

who is THIS for...

If you are uncomfortable receiving physical touch. If you have specific ailments or conditions that your medical provider has cautioned you against addressing through hands on mobility work.

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Experience the calm of being cared for in body, mind, and spirit. Increase in range of motion. Release of muscle tension.

what makes this different?

carrie is an Advanced Certified Practitioner with DeonThai Method Mobility Therapy.  She has been Teaching yoga  for 11 years,  she has thousands of hours of training.   she has Specialized training in trauma-informed, yin, meditation,  and anatomy, as well as previous experience as a therapist working with trauma.

"I discovered the wonders of Thai Yoga Therapy almost a decade ago, after my original guide moved away, it took time to discover the right new one. After my first session with Carrie this summer, I knew I had found the right new one. Carefully guiding my bending and stretching, she worked to relax tight muscles and helped stiff joints flow with new-found energy. After each session I float back to my home, blissfully discombobulated. Thai Yoga Therapy with Carrie is an experience like none other; healing, strengthening, and energizing, and is one of the highlights of my week!"

- Tom P, Thai Yoga Therapy client


 "After my first session with Carrie this summer, I knew I had found the right new one."

“Meeting with Carrie each week has been a game changer. Every session is different and always exactly what I need. Her compassion, wisdom and collaboration have helped me reach deeper levels of growth and wellbeing through the practice of yoga. I am truly grateful for her support and guidance.”

-Mac C, 1:1 yoga client

 "Meeting with Carrie each week has been a game changer."

"My private yoga sessions with Carrie began in April 2014. But my body started to weaken so we switched to Thai yoga. I was eventually diagnosed with ALS in May 2016. Carrie has supported me throughout my journey. Our sessions are full of healing, hope, and laughter. She is an intentional divine healer. If it weren’t for my time with her, I believe this disease would be progressing much faster. As she works on me, she channels her divine energy and wisdom. I always feel more stronger, relaxed and enlightened after our sessions. I am blessed to have her generous and loving presence in my life. Don’t wait any longer. Take advantage of the support Carrie can offer you."

- Roz S, Thai Yoga Therapy client


 "I always feel more stronger, relaxed and enlightened after our sessions"

"I’m sure you have no idea how you’ve positively impacted my life. Your guided practice has been the very first space I feel comfortable and free to find the gifts of yoga. I’ve never felt anything but at home and welcomed in your class. You have given me license to love my body, cherish my mind, and truly explore and nurture my soul. I appreciate that you see my potential rather than my shortcomings and have the strong belief that I can achieve within my practice."

- S. B., Yoga student


 "I’ve never felt anything but at home and welcomed in your class."

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Still have questions that are holding you back? We got you.








What can i expect from our session?

I’ve never done yoga before. Can I still receive a Thai mobility treatment?

How should I prepare for our session?

Where do our sessions take place?

I have a complex history of touch that includes trauma. Can Thai help with that?

what if i have other questions?

We will begin with a brief conversation about your goals and any intentions you’d like to set for the session. Next, you’ll lay down on a cushioned mat specifically designed for this type of work, and get comfy. For the remainder of the session, you can simply relax and receive as I apply pressure to energy points and guide your limbs through a series of stretches and mobility exercises. Sometimes my clients drift into a meditative or even sleep state while I work.

I encourage you to set a personal intention for your session. Your intention could be physical, energetic, or spiritual in nature. I recommend dressing in comfortable clothing that will both keep you warm as well as allow for range of motion. Currently, Covid protocols include requiring that we both wear a mask throughout the during of our session.

Absolutely! There are no prerequisites for this work.

In my home studio in Charlotte, NC.

I have some clients who receive Thai Yoga specifically to support them in healing their relationship with touch. Particularly when combined with talk therapy with a licensed mental health provider, Thai can be a safe, supportive, modality that allows you to reclaim sovereignty in your own body. 

Email me! I am happy to help!