30 days to extraordinary self-care

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or depleted

Struggling to make your own needs a priority

Taking care of everything (and everyone) else in your life, except you

Wishing you had the time to devote to taking better care of yourself

Worrying that self-care is “selfish”


Not knowing where to begin with implementing a self-care routine

So many of us are juggling countless priorities and roles, and barely keeping our heads above water. We have been socially conditioned to value busyness, and reward the hustle and grind.

And: it comes at a cost. 

It costs us our mental and physical well-being. It costs us connection with ourselves and others.

It costs us our joy... and I am not with that.

I absolutely feel you.

Carve out time for yourself to nurture your well-being, every single day

Identify your well-being needs and map out a solid plan to meet them

Believe that your well-being matters

Make yourself a priority in your own life

Create a self-care routine that is sustainable, and supports you in living the life you most deeply crave

Imagine how it would feel instead, to:

Reconnect with joy, pleasure, and play

Sound better?

the bottom line

It’s time to step out of the hustle and prioritize your own well-being, once and for all.

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