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Looking for an inclusive, engaging yoga class designed to both challenge AND support you?

Check out my schedule below for regularly scheduled virtual classes, live from my home in Charlotte, NC.

You’ll be greeted by a warm welcome, and encouraged to try new things AND honor your body exactly as it is in the moment.

In my Flow classes, you can expect intentional sequencing, attention to anatomical alignment, and the invitation to enjoy building strength in your body. In my Chillax classes, we move gently, linger in postures, and create an atmosphere of respite and ease.

Current Group Yoga Schedule

Please email me at least 30 minutes prior to class time to receive the zoom link and venmo for payment.

2024 Q1 Schedule:

January: 1/9, 1/16, 1/23 (note: no class on 1/30)

February: 2/13, 2/20, 2/27 (note: no class on 2/6)

March: 3/12, 3/19, 3/26 (note: no class on 3/5)

tuesday: 12pm EST flow

need an on demand option?

check out our on-demand virtual group yoga classes!

what makes this different?

carrie has been Teaching yoga  for 15 years,  she has been a facilitator of yoga teacher trainings for 10 years,  and has thousands of hours of training.   she has Specialized training in trauma-informed, yin, meditation,  and anatomy.  BUT more importantly;  she is committed to using her gifts to help you  Learn to respect, appreciate, and feel at home in your own body. 

"I discovered the wonders of Thai Yoga Therapy almost a decade ago, after my original guide moved away, it took time to discover the right new one. After my first session with Carrie this summer, I knew I had found the right new one. Carefully guiding my bending and stretching, she worked to relax tight muscles and helped stiff joints flow with new-found energy. After each session I float back to my home, blissfully discombobulated. Thai Yoga Therapy with Carrie is an experience like none other; healing, strengthening, and energizing, and is one of the highlights of my week!"

- Tom P, Thai Yoga Therapy client


 "After my first session with Carrie this summer, I knew I had found the right new one."

“Meeting with Carrie each week has been a game changer. Every session is different and always exactly what I need. Her compassion, wisdom and collaboration have helped me reach deeper levels of growth and wellbeing through the practice of yoga. I am truly grateful for her support and guidance.”

-Mac C, 1:1 yoga client

 "Meeting with Carrie each week has been a game changer."

"My private yoga sessions with Carrie began in April 2014. But my body started to weaken so we switched to Thai yoga. I was eventually diagnosed with ALS in May 2016. Carrie has supported me throughout my journey. Our sessions are full of healing, hope, and laughter. She is an intentional divine healer. If it weren’t for my time with her, I believe this disease would be progressing much faster. As she works on me, she channels her divine energy and wisdom. I always feel more stronger, relaxed and enlightened after our sessions. I am blessed to have her generous and loving presence in my life. Don’t wait any longer. Take advantage of the support Carrie can offer you."

- Roz S, Thai Yoga Therapy client


 "I always feel more stronger, relaxed and enlightened after our sessions"

"I’m sure you have no idea how you’ve positively impacted my life. Your guided practice has been the very first space I feel comfortable and free to find the gifts of yoga. I’ve never felt anything but at home and welcomed in your class. You have given me license to love my body, cherish my mind, and truly explore and nurture my soul. I appreciate that you see my potential rather than my shortcomings and have the strong belief that I can achieve within my practice."

- S. B., Yoga student


 "I’ve never felt anything but at home and welcomed in your class."

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