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 I am a Professional Certified Coach (and yoga instructor). That means I get to have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you.

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In this podcast episode of From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman, we approach a typically taboo topic head on: money. Financial coach Jennifer Bower join us to share how to live a life aligned with your values, instead of your billing cycle. Grab a pen and paper: you’re going to want to take notes! […]

How to Handle Your $$ Like a Grown Ass Adult

What does it actually take to create thriving relationships? Below are┬áseven tools that support connected, authentic, sustainable relationships. You’ll learn specific tips for implementing these tools in all types of relationships, from the bedroom to the boardroom. For more context on each of these tools, including specific examples of each, check out our latest podcast […]

7 Tools You Need for Thriving Relationships