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 I am a Professional Certified Coach. That means I get to have the kinds of conversations about life, leadership, and relationships that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you.

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“Living with my heart wide open is the worst!” I half-sobbed, half-laughed into my hands. My friend simply raised an eyebrow and nodded knowingly. We were nearing the completion of our visit to Southeast Asia, and I had been undone. I was broken open from allowing myself to so fully receive the immensity of all […]

I Will Never Be the Same

Last month, I embarked on a trip to Southeast Asia with a dear friend. This trip has been literally years in the making: pages turned down in guidebooks, websites bookmarked, and itineraries meticulously researched and mapped. I had envisioned observing elephants in all their graceful majesty, peacefully navigating their natural jungle habitats. Gazing slack jawed […]

The Time I Almost Bailed on the Trip of a Lifetime