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 I am a Professional Certified Coach. That means I get to have the kinds of conversations about life, leadership, and relationships that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you.

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If you’d rather listen to this message on the From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman podcast, click here. What Messages Have You Received About Anger? Anger seems to be one of the trickiest emotions, at least for many of my clients. Maybe you’ve received the message that anger is inherently bad and destructive “should” […]

Anger: How + Why to Stop Suppressing it and Make it Your Ally

Do you have unmet needs, wants, and/or desires? This episode of From Good Girl to Grown Ass Woman has your name written all over it. I outline the ineffective strategies many of us are using to try and get our needs met, as well as methods and practices that actually work. Why? Because you are worthy of having […]

How to Get What You Want