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 I am a professional life coach (and yoga instructor). That means I get to have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you

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Do you struggle with making decisions? You’re not alone. I used to go back and forth…and back and forth…and back and forth. You get the picture. I drove myself nuts. Can you relate?  If so, you know that this process of going around and around in your head feels like your brain has been on the spin […]

2 Must-Ask Questions to Help You Make Any Decision

One of the first things I ask my new clients is what they do each day to take care of their well-being.  Often, their response is silence and a lifted eyebrow. Or confusion, and a question like, “you mean, besides brushing my teeth?”  Yup. I mean besides brushing your teeth. I mean, what actions, practices, […]

My Personal Top 10 Well-Being Hacks