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5 Ways We Sabotage Our Goals

How’s it going with those New Year’s Resolutions?

Last week, I hosted a workshop called New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Work. We mapped out exactly what our goals are for 2022, and the steps to get from here to there. (Email me if you’d like the recording + handouts!)

Today, I’m sharing with you some of the most common ways we tend to sabotage our goals, and what to do instead.

Saboteur #1: Disconnect from your “Why.” 

At the heart of every goal is a “why.” A purpose, a reason why that goal matters so deeply to you. For instance, in our workshop last week, one attendee set a goal around budgeting and finances. They identified their “why” as gratitude and honesty. THIS is the kind of purpose that makes all the effort meaningful. 

Saboteur #2: Rely on willpower alone.

As you may have noticed from your own experience, willpower in and of itself is not a reliable structure. Which brings us to #3…

Saboteur #3: Insufficient structures.

Most of us have quite a bit of resistance to change, even when that change gets us closer to what we want. That means we need structures and accountability that are sufficient to the level of our resistance. 

Saboteur #4: Give up when it gets hard.

It WILL get hard. Reasons and circumstances WILL occur. That does not mean you have to stop. That means pause, take a breath, reevaluate your support structures and remember why you want this so much. And then, keep going.

Saboteur #5: Stop when you get bored. 

Changing a habit or pattern can be slow and tedious. It can appear that nothing is happening, until, one day, you notice all that slow, incremental change has created transformation. The goal that felt impossible last year, is now simply normal, day to day life. 

Which of these is your most frequent saboteur? And what will you do this year, instead? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know!

And, if you’d like to explore coaching as a support structure for your new year’s resolutions and goals, let’s chat. Group starts next month, and 1:1 is available already.




5 Ways We Sabotage Our Goals

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