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What to do when you’re scared of the unknown

“The unknown is scary.”

I hear this from my clients, a lot. And truth be told, I feel this sometimes in my own life, as well.

Fear of the unknown keeps many of us right where we are: nice and snug inside our comfort zones. That’s awesome for those who are fully, deeply satisfied right where they are. 

Yet for those who are dissatisfied or unhappy, fear of the unknown can lead us to stay dissatisfied rather than take a chance. What if it’s worse “out there,” we wonder? That’s a possibility. It’s also a possibility that what we long for is “out there.” It’s definitely not “in here,” that’s for sure; otherwise, we’d already have it!

You have options:

1. Decide to remain in a known and familiar situation that is not working: a job, a relationship, a habit. You know what to expect. You are in familiar territory. Here, there are no surprises. And, you are clear that it is not working.

2. Decide the discomfort of what’s not working is greater than the discomfort of the unknown, and try something else. 

Food for thought: 

What are you currently tolerating inside your comfort zone? And what could be possible for you outside your comfort zone?

Let me know your thoughts!



p.s. Another word for “unknown” is possibility. 

p.p.s. One of my superpowers is helping people do things that they really want to do, but are scared to do. Hit me up if you’d like some help with doing something scary.




What to do when you’re scared of the unknown

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