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5 Reasons You’re Not Meeting Your Goals

Being the high achiever that you are, you have goals. Probably many of them. And yet, I’m almost positive that there is something you currently are yearning to create, or have, or experience, that you haven’t quite figured out how to make happen. Here are 5 reasons you may be stuck.

1. You’re not connected with your “why.”

At the heart of every goal is a “why.” A purpose, a reason why that goal matters so deeply to you. But if you haven’t identified it, meeting your goal can become simply another item on your never ending to-do list. Identify “why” this goal matters to you, and you’ll find yourself fueled from the inside, leading to creating results that move you forward.

2. You rely on willpower alone.

As you may have noticed from your own experience, willpower in and of itself is not a reliable structure. Which brings us to #3…

3. You don’t have accountability structures.

Most of us have quite a bit of resistance to doing anything other than what we typically do, even when doing so gets us closer to what we want. That means we need structures and accountability that are sufficient to the level of our resistance. Structures may include having a coach, creating peer support, and any number of  of other options that can hold you accountable when you want to give up, or change your mind, or forget why you want what you want.

4. You’re trying to achieve a new goal with an old mindset.

Whatever got you to where you are is NOT the same thing that will get you to your next level, or goal. Just because it worked for you then, does not mean it always will in the future. If you want a new result, you have to be willing to try a new approach.

5. You’re exhausted.

If you can’t remember the last day you took a day (or week, or two) off, it’s no wonder you’ve stalled out on your goals. It seems counterintuitive: don’t you need to push forward and grind to get where you want to go? No. You don’t. In fact, you need energy to move forward, and having energy is impossible when you are constantly burning the candle at both ends. Take a day (or week, or two) off and recharge. Come back with fresh eyes, and pick right back up where you left off. 

What is it you have been yearning to do, be, or have? Is it a relationship, a professional milestone, or perhaps something so close to your heart you haven’t even dared to say it out loud before? Would you like a trusted advisor to support you in generating those results? Let me know. I’m here, ready when you are.




5 Reasons You’re Not Meeting Your Goals

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