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As a professional coach, I have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you: highly intuitive, no bullshit, and consistently relating to you as your best self.

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Journaling Prompts for the New Year

Journaling Prompts for Closing out 2020:

What are the (possibly disguised) gifts that this year brought you?

What challenge(s) created the biggest opportunities for your growth?

What did you learn?

What are you leaving behind?

What can you celebrate or acknowledge yourself for?

Finally, what else is there for you to express as we close the chapter on 2020?

Journaling Prompts for Beginning 2021:

Whom and what will you prioritize this year?

What are you excited to create?

What core values will guide your choices?

What support structures will you implement?

How will you serve?

If you’d like support in exploring anything that comes up for you as you journal, please reach out and schedule some 1:1 time.

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Journaling Prompts for the New Year

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