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The Simplest 5-Step Strategy for Reaching Your Goals

Is there a project you’d like to work on, or a goal you’d like to work toward, but you feel like you have no idea where to begin? Do you get so wrapped up in the complexities and stymied by the possibilities that you end up paralyzed and taking NO action? I totally feel you. I want to share with you a strategy that will make it very simple and easy for you to get going.

I present to you the simplest strategy for how to do everything, inspired by a call with a coaching client who wanted to begin a regular writing practice, but was feeling stuck with not knowing where to begin. We explored this, and quickly created a “recipe” for how to begin (and continue).

HINT: you can apply this same recipe to everything, ever. Here’s what we created:

The Simplest 5-Step Strategy for Reaching Your Goals:

1. Start. 

That very first step tends to be the one we resist the most. Once you get off of ground zero, you are on your way.

 2. Short Bursts.

Whatever you’re working on, try taking bite-sized chunks at first. As you develop the habit, you will increase your tolerance and stamina for more.

 3. Routine + Structure.

Create consistency and parameters for this new habit. This may include scheduling time to work on your goal, and establishing regularity.

 4. Accountability.

Identify the people who will hold you accountable, and are invested in what you are creating. 

 5. Acknowledgment. 

Identify your cheerleaders! Recieve support and acknowledgment. You can also assign yourself rewards for reaching milestones!

And there you have it. The simplest 5 step strategy for creating everything, ever. If you’d like support in reaching your goals, schedule a complimentary coaching call, and let’s explore together!




The Simplest 5-Step Strategy for Reaching Your Goals

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