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Imposter Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

Do you find yourself comparing your accomplishments to everyone else’s, and feeling as if you don’t measure up?

Do you feel like others would call you successful, yet you doubt the value of your contributions?

Do you feel as if you’re in a leadership position because of “luck” versus your actual achievements?

You, my dear, may be experiencing something we call “imposter syndrome.” 

Here’s the good news: there is nothing wrong with you. Here’s the other good news: you can beat it! I’ve been coaching executives and high achievers for nearly a decade, and imposter syndrome is something most women I work with deal with.

In today’s episode, we’ll get to the root of imposter syndrome: what it is and what it isn’t. You’ll learn practical tools to support you in shifting your narrative of imposter syndrome for good.

Tips for Handling Imposter Syndrome




Imposter Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

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