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6 Steps to Getting What You Want

Kind of sounds like bullshit? Well, first of all, these steps are neither quick nor easy. What they are is effective. I have seen this particular recipe work time and time again over the years with anything from purchasing a second home to creating a specific change in a relationship to securing an executive leadership role. Also, I want to offer a shout out to a really dear and beloved client who actually created this formula for herself through lots and lots of practice and refinement and utilizes it in her own life to create some pretty great things. 

So dear reader, my promise is not that this is some plug and play formula. I don’t believe in that, and I don’t offer that. Rather, today I offer you a series of steps that when practiced with purpose and intention, actually produce results. Ready? 

6 Steps to Getting What You Want

1. Clarify what you want and why

This may seem really obvious, yet you have probably seen instances where it’s really not clear what you’re aiming for or why. “Why” is a purpose or reason that’s aligned with your values or holds some meaning for you. Is it for the money? If it’s for the money, then what does that mean to you? What will that get you? Maybe it’s more time with your family. Maybe it’s a little less pressure. Maybe it’s because you know that you want to put a care plan in place for your aging parents. So check your “why” and ensure that it’s aligned with your values or purpose or actually means something to you. 

2. Identify opportunities

This is where you begin to open your eyes to new possibilities and even to create new possibilities that may not have occurred to you before. It’s like when you learn a new vocabulary word that you didn’t know and suddenly you start to hear that word and see that word everywhere you go. You didn’t even notice it before. It wasn’t even on your radar, but now you are primed to notice it. It’s the same with creating clarity around what you want. Now that you’ve done that, you can start to see those opportunities, options and pathways that you may not have previously seen or considered. 

3. Enlist support

Without support, you’re limiting your options. With support, you expand possibilities and probably have more fun. Whatever it is that you want, whatever your goal or desired outcome, you don’t have to do it alone.

4. Take aligned action over and over

Evaluate what is and isn’t working, making some strategic tweaks and continuing forward. Once you hit the next roadblock, which you will, you again evaluate what is and isn’t working, make some tweaks and continue on. Repeat as needed. 

5. Release attachment to the process

Release attachment is not synonymous with stop caring. Clearly, if you’ve identified something that you want, a goal that is meaningful and important to you, you care and you care deeply. Release attachment means letting go of how you think the process is supposed to go or how you think it should look. There is no perfect one way. Sometimes we get so stuck in a mindset that one plus one equals two that we forget that also six minus four equals two and 10 divided by five also equals two. Allow some space for creativity, innovation, and new possibilities. 

6. Allow for magic

I’m talking about magic that takes the form of things like surprises, serendipity, being in the right place at the right time, an unexpected partnership with a friend or colleague, a new possibility that you hadn’t previously considered, things falling into place as if by magic once you’ve taken all of those other steps one through five.  These kinds of moments cannot be planned and they cannot happen when we’re so rigid about getting from point A to point B that we won’t stop for the magic.

As we wrap up today, dear reader, I would love to hear if you choose to utilize this recipe. Please let me know how it goes for you or if you have your own recipe, please feel free to share that as well. Because you are worthy of producing the results you want and making your life and the lives of others an even more meaningful and fulfilling place. 

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6 Steps to Getting What You Want

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