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I Am Hungry For…

A few weeks back, I found myself sitting barefoot on the floor of a local attorney’s office, a space procured for the meeting of a group of women visionaries, artists, teachers, healers, and leaders in the community. We were there for the sole/soul purpose of writing, and sharing our writing. The meeting’s format went something like this: Facilitator presents a prompt. Group writes about it. Group shares, laughs, and in some cases, cries. {Repeat} When the final prompt came around, I drew a blank. Tapped my pencil on the side of my notebook; nothing. Switched positions; nothing. Switched positions, again; still nothing. Finally, began writing and didn’t stop until time was called. The prompt?

“I am hungry for…”

My response?

I am hungry for: Contentment. Connection. Communion.

And alliteration, apparently. So, I decided, might as well take it from the top.

I am hungry for:

Alchemy. Adoration. Another way.

Bounty. Boundlessness. Buoyancy.

Catharsis. Cuddles. Compassion. Compatibility.

Dimension. Delight. Desire (requited).

Effervescence. Elegance. Expressiveness. Ease.

Fallibility. Forgiveness. Fervor. Forever.

Generosity. Grace, and more grace.

Humanity. Holiness. Heart.

Intensity. Immeasurability. Intention.



Luminosity. Lightness. Leverage. Levity. Leaning in. Love. Love. Love.

Movement. Marvel. More.

Nourishment. Nurturing – given and received.


Purpose. Perseverance.

Quality. Quiet. Quivering, quaking, earth-shaking …

Renewal. Revival. Receptivity.

Sacredness. Spaciousness. Sensuality.

Tenderness. Tenacity.


Velocity. Vulnerability. Vigor.

Wishes, fulfilled.

(e)Xuberance. (e)Xperience. (e)Xploration. (e)Xcitation.

Yearning (requited).

Zero bullshit. None, nada, Zilch.

I am hungry for all of this, and so much more. Now, your turn. What are you hungry for, dear one? What makes your toes curl and your heart beat a little faster? What would be a dream come true?




I Am Hungry For…

  1. Maggie says:

    All those things Carrie and these:
    Peace among all of us
    Freedom from fear for all of us
    Meaningful work to do
    An end forever to hate, fear mongering, polarized thinking, judgements, intolerance, negativity, lothing, lies and all the toxic thoughts and feelings that some think it is their god-given right to espouse
    Most of all, I hunger for compassion, acceptance, and a willingness for all of us to meet each other exactly where we are without thoughts of changing anyone but ourselves.

  2. Brandi says:

    I am hungry for living and sharing in a life that feeds to all who desire:
    Arting around
    Beauty (even in breakdowns)
    Care taking with out hope of gain
    Dreams dared and done and ditched
    Extended hugs
    Family meals
    Grace and giggles
    Happiness and healing
    Intelectual pursuits
    Just cause surprises
    Killer bods
    Limitless laughter
    Money to share
    Nodding off on porches
    Ocean scented air
    Playtime and Playmates
    Quaint towns to visit
    Soul and Sun shine
    Universal acceptance
    Winding mountain trails
    eXtra wishes 😉
    Yesterdays to smile about
    Zen (Zin for some, haha!)

  3. Bobby Hutter says:

    Can I just say how much I love that you included Fallibility and then immediately mention Forgiveness? That resonated with me a lot.
    I’d add that I hunger for Essence, Intelligence, Insight, Solace, and Revelation. <3!

  4. Leahanne says:

    I’m hungry for all people eventually fully realizing that we are all the same importance. And, for the day that everyone realizes that it would benefit all of us in the entire ecosystem to not only recognize those gifts that each of us carry, but worship and make use of them. Where there is use of the goods makes less waste of anything on the planet. I want the day to come when there is automatically no waste of resources because without much effort, or even no effort, just through appreciation, the system of natural love, life, and equality is done.

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