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3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

What’s the most important goal on your to-do list? That thing that you long for, but just haven’t gotten up the gumption to pursue? I’d like to offer you a handful of my favorite tips for getting into purposeful action. Hope you find them helpful!

1.    Remember your Why. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the goal itself that we forget WHY we’re compelled to seek that outcome in the first place. What’s the bigger picture reason that makes it worth it to you to dedicate your energy to this goal?

How to: Find a comfortable, quiet place to relax your body and close your eyes. Envision the outcome. Imagine how you will feel, and what will be true and possible for you and others once you have achieved your goal. Once you have reconnected with this feeling, open your eyes and write about it, as a reminder to yourself the next time you forget Why. 

2.    Take one micro action every day.

Something that can trip us up is thinking that achieving goals happens with big, dramatic flair, all at once. Actually, achieving goals, especially the bigger, more dramatic ones, happens because we take small daily actions, over a period of time, that move us forward toward the outcomes that we seek.

How to: Break down your goal into smaller pieces, perhaps working in reverse. In other words, what’s the last piece of the puzzle that would need to be put into place to get me across the finish line to my goal? And what’s the one thing that would need to happen just before that? And the thing before that? Write it all down, and put those micro steps into your calendar. Decide to begin.

3.    Do it Now. 

My clients know that this is one of my favorite techniques for getting into action! We can get so tangled up in the “why nots,” the procrastination, the negative self-talk, and whatever other stuff that gets in the way of our getting into action, that we just stop entirely. Another option is that we can cut through the drama and simply do the thing. Right now.

How to: What’s the action you’ve been avoiding taking that you KNOW will move you forward? Stop whatever else you’re doing…literally, once you finish reading this…AND DO THE THING. Send the email. Call the person. Make the request. Congratulations! You’ve just saved yourself time and energy and mental drama. Now do a little happy dance, celebrate, and get back to living!

Hope you’ve found this helpful. Feel free to comment and let me know how it worked out for you. Or forward this to a friend who could use the extra nudge. And as always, reach out if you’d like further support.




3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

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