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Danger: Burnout Ahead

I’ve noticed symptoms of impending burnout around some of my goals and commitments lately: a sense of overwhelm, sluggishness, anxiousness, and disconnection from joy. I am choosing, today, to take a detour. I’m hearing and seeing from many friends and clients a similar pattern. This message is for you. 

Whatever it is that you’re dedicated to needs your attention and energy. Whether it’s advocating for racial justice…sustaining your business…recovery from trauma or grief…your commitments and goals require your action. And, they also require you to sustain your well-being. 

We. Need. You. To. Be. Well. 

That means purposefully implementing self-care into your life, every day. Why? Because when we prioritize our well-being, we are more likely to generate inspiration and creativity, renew our energy, and connect with our purpose. 

This is NOT an excuse to stop. This is not an excuse to decide that whatever you know is important to you is too hard, or that you don’t know how, or that your efforts don’t matter.  

This IS a call to action to stay in the game with your commitments, AND tend to your well-being along the way. It’s not an either/or situation; it’s a both/and. You can be committed to your goals AND to your mental health. The time for both is now, AND tomorrow, AND the day after that. 


* Remind yourself of your goals and WHY they are important to you. 

* Name 1-5 practices you can implement daily that nourish your well-being. Write them down, ask for support and accountability, and do them. 

Here are a few well-being practices that have been essential for me lately: taking my dog on long walks to move my body and be in the sun. Reading fiction for the sheer pleasure of it. Putting myself in situations and with people that cause me to laugh out loud to reconnect with joy. Preparing meals from local ingredients to nourish my health and because it feels creative. 

What are yours? Feel free to message me, and share. 

Please keep going. Please don’t stop. And: rest, breathe, and recommit, daily.




Danger: Burnout Ahead

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