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As a professional coach, I have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you: highly intuitive, no bullshit, and consistently relating to you as your best self.

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How to Make the Impossible Possible

On a recent adventure, my friends and I set out to do the impossible: to climb a Piton. The Pitons are a pair of steep grade volcano-shaped mountains rising out of the blue-green waters surrounding the island of St. Lucia. Upon observation of our target from various perspective of land, air, and sea, we were all dubious as to how we were supposed to surmount the thing. We surmised that since others had done it and lived to tell about it, that perhaps we could, too. We were advised to arrive with comfortable hiking shoes, and enough water, snacks, and optimism to survive the climb. Upon arrival, we signed our liability waivers (if you fall off, don’t blame us!) and were on our way, accompanied by an experienced guide. At first, our brisk pace along the sun-soaked dirt path felt reassuring, if challenging. The trail soon turned into boulders, requiring strategic foot and hand placement, and more leg strength than any of us was accustomed to exerting. Upon reaching the quarter-of-the-way-there spot, the trees parted and we were rewarded with a sweeping view of the sea below. We careened, caught our breath, and continued on. The grade increased, and we found ourselves often climbing across boulders on all fours. With hearts pounding, legs quivering, and curse words flying, we persisted on. We reached the halfway point, with even grander views. There, we guzzled water, rested our bodies, and some of our group continued on as the rest ended their climb.  We forged onward and upward, now supported occasionally by a rickety railing upon which we didn’t dare lean our full weight. As our trail became cloaked in jungle, our footsteps became less steady as we traversed occasionally muddy, slippery incline. One careful step at a time, onward we went. At the three quarters resting spot, our pause was brief. We were more determined than ever to make it to the top; the promise of jaw-dropping panorama and the satisfaction of completion beckoned. We trudged, we groaned, we huffed and puffed, we forged ahead. Ultimately, and perhaps against most odds, we took our final steps to the summit. Some of our group took a seat against the rocks to appreciate our reward. Some began snapping pictures to capture the memory. Me? I squealed in delight and just stood there awhile, goofy smile spread across my face, stunned and awestruck.

Upon our eventual decent, it occurred to me: We had made the Impossible Possible. What did it take to create possibility out of the implausible task of climbing a steep mountain? Determination. Humor. Sweat and Swearing. Guidance. Leadership. Hope. It strikes me as having many parallels to the way Coaching works. In my role as Coach, I stand for Possibility on behalf of my clients. Where they may see doubt, fear, or other seemingly insurmountable, mountain-like obstacles, I see clearing; steps; mile markers; the peak. I am committed to supporting my clients in unlocking their tremendous power and potential to Do, Be, and Experience whatever they deem important to them.

What is the metaphorical Piton in your landscape to climb? Let’s talk. I’d be happy to share a Complimentary Coaching Experience with you; by the end of our call, perhaps you will be clear and empowered to lace up your hiking boots and take your next steps forward.




How to Make the Impossible Possible

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