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As a professional coach, I have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you: highly intuitive, no bullshit, and consistently relating to you as your best self.

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Hello, Stranger.

Those of you who have been around the block a time or two with me may recall a time that I published a new blog post once a week, every week, like clockwork. Each Monday morning began with a cup of coffee and a computer screen, along with my desire to inspire and support through words and community. My friends and students and clients expressed appreciation for what I shared, always.

That was 4 years ago.

So…what happened??

Life, mostly.

Messy, complicated, beautiful, constantly changing life.

If I’m honest, that’s not really it. It can’t be. Messy, complicated, beautiful life is actually fabulous inspiration for writing, wouldn’t you say?

Then what really happened?

Many Monday mornings (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and…) I’ve thought about writing. I’ve wanted to write. I’ve had things to say in service of support and inspiration, lots of them. I just haven’t said them.

When I take a closer look, I see that I’ve let my desire to say the “right” thing, to provide massive value through my words, to create impact for my community, get in the way of just doing it.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? How often do you let your well-intended inner perfectionist get in the way of just doing the thing already? Where does your desire to get it “right” have you paralyzed into not doing anything at all?

It’s a familiar story. It’s fine. And…it doesn’t have to go that way. You could choose action from a million different places; perfectionism is just one of them. Where else could you choose from? Play, ease, purpose, power…you get to say.

Today, I choose to come from commitment. And from my commitment to creating inspiration, support, and impact through writing, I declare to resume a weekly blogging practice in service of my community. I ask that you hold me accountable by letting me know what resonates for you and what you’d like to see or hear more of, and by reminding me of my commitment when I am tired or distracted or think it has to be perfect to matter.

Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for allowing me to be messy and real and still make a difference. Thank you for being you.




Hello, Stranger.

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