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As a professional coach, I have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you: highly intuitive, no bullshit, and consistently relating to you as your best self.

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I Used to Be a Good Girl.

I used to be a Good Girl.

I did all the things that Good Girls do: got straight A’s, got a degree (and then another one), got a job, got a savings account, got a mortgage, got a marriage. I followed the rules. I followed the rules, and was startled to find out that fulfillment didn’t follow as expected. As promised. I did every single last one of the Shoulds (in order!), and avoided {most} of the Shouldn’ts.

And still, I wasn’t happy. I wondered what was missing. I blamed myself, and other people.

It didn’t help.

I knew there was something else. There had to be something else. There had be a way to experience passion and expression and joy and really good sex (!!) that had zero to do with following some script for the “right” way to do life.

So I started looking. And eventually, I found it. Or rather, I created it (with a shit ton of support).

And I want you to know that you can, too.

You don’t have to live a life of “shoulds.” You don’t have to trade your own happiness for someone else’s. Most importantly: you don’t have to suffer.

I’m here to support you… and to save you the drama of having to figure it out on your own. Reach out; I’m here to save you the drama of having to figure it out on your own.




I Used to Be a Good Girl.

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