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25 Things to do When You’re Anxious AF

You’re on the anxiety bus and you can’t get off. Now what?

Lie down. Put one hand on your belly, and one hand on your heart. Breathe so deeply you can feel both hands rise and fall with your breath. Stay awhile.

Move your body. Walk, ride a bike, take a yoga class.

Remind yourself that you’ve felt anxious before, and so far, you’ve always survived.

Call your therapist.

Call your coach.

Call your best friend or your mom or your partner. Whomever is the one who always knows the right thing to say.

After you’ve called your people, turn off your phone and computer and anything else that may encourage your mind to work a million miles a minute…at least for an hour or so.

Take a nap.

Read this poem.

Schedule a massage.

Make a donation to an organization whose mission resonates with you.

Notice 3 things you can identify in the present moment with each of your senses.

Give your mind something to do: solve a puzzle.

Research your next travel adventure.

Start writing your book already.

Do the dishes, or the laundry, or any other relatively mindless activity…with exquisite care and attention.

Cuddle your pet, or visit your nearest cat café or humane society to give and receive some love.

Decide to learn something new, or say yes to something.

Decide to say no to something.

Make yourself your favorite meal… or call Postmates.

Order this book, and do the mindfulness and journaling exercises (insider tip: I almost always recommend this book to my coaching clients).

Use this mantra: I am here. It is now. Breathe liberally, and repeat often.

Listen to this playlist, or this one.

Find one of those adult coloring books with curse words and color (or scribble) to your heart’s content.

Write a love letter to your anxiety… like this.

What would you add to this list? Share with your comments, below. 




25 Things to do When You’re Anxious AF

  1. Danielle Montaner says:

    This is perfect. I’ve always been told to stare at your feet when your feeling anxious to find grounding. Or to take off your shoes and walk outside in nature. Nothing more grounding than that. 🙂

    • Carrie Wren says:

      Danielle, I love that suggestion! There is absolutely something inherently grounding in getting physically connected to the actual ground.

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