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If You Knew You Had Just 5 Years to Live

If you knew you had just five more years of life, how would you spend them? I ask not to be morbid, but because our time here is, well, limited. And because how we spend our time here matters. And because so many of us are living our lives as if we had all the time in the world. That might show up in your speaking or your thinking as:

If only…

Maybe someday…

I wish…

When x happens, then I’ll…

I can’t…

Are any of those familiar to you?

My guess is that if you knew you had just five years to live, you would stop waiting. You would stop wishing. You would stop procrastinating, or making excuses. You would instead do whatever you needed to do, to Do/Be/Create/Experience the things that are on your “If only” and “Someday” lists. You would harness passion and possibility to make shit happen. That non-profit you’ve always dreamed of creating? Done. The pilgrimage to the homeland of your ancestors? Done. The instrument you’ve wanted to learn to play since you were a kid? Done. The article (or book) you’ve been afraid to write? Done. The estranged family member with whom you have longed to reconnect? Done.

Here is my alter call to you: make a list. Make a list of how you would spend your time if you knew you had five years left (although I hope you have 75 years to go, at least. You’re wonderful.). What would you Do, Be, Create, or Experience? And then: do them. If you don’t know how to do the things…if you’re too scared…if for any reason the way seems blocked, reach out. You don’t have to do it alone.

ps: If you’re feeling bold, will you please share your list here? I’d love to see.




If You Knew You Had Just 5 Years to Live

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