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As a professional coach, I have the kinds of conversations that you wish your best friend was trained and willing to have with you: highly intuitive, no bullshit, and consistently relating to you as your best self.

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In Case You Need to Breathe

Shit’s getting wacky out there, yes?

Let’s take a collective, appropriately socially distanced breath in, and let it out slowly.

There’s a whole lot of stuff in this life that we don’t have control over. A global pandemic and others’ reactions to that, for instance.

And. There’s also plenty of stuff that we CAN control. Our internal environment, for instance. The thoughts that we think. The conversations we have, and those we opt out of. Our moment-by-moment choices, one best choice at a time. 

You might be feeling some feelings. Maybe lots of them, maybe rapidly changing, maybe intense. All of your feelings are real and valid and important. In the past several days, for example, I’ve felt: anxiety. Anger. Sadness. Connection. Resignation. Hope. (repeat). I listened to this podcast yesterday, and found it helpful in knowing what to do with all these feelings.

I worked with my coach to create a list of practices to hone in on to support my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Here is my list, so far:

– Being  in nature, where I can see green things grow and see bright things bloom and hear birds sing.
– Walking. In my neighborhood, in parks, anywhere there is space to be outside and move my body.
– Cooking! On my list for this week: slow cooked oats with apples. Veggie chili and cornbread. Speghetti and non-meat meatballs. Cookies!
– Puzzles. I have an Appalachian Trail puzzle on my dining table right now, ready for me to dive in.
– Cuddle time with my dog.
– Cuddle time with my partner.
– Reading. I have the new Glennon Doyle book freshly off the presses and ready to be devoured!
– Podcasts. So many podcasts! Both those cued up and and ready to be heard, as well as those on the brink of being created…stay tuned for an Explore & Expand podcast, coming soon!
– Listening to calming music.
– Singing along to fun music!
– Coaching (both being coached AND coaching others).
– Yoga (both practicing AND teaching…here’s a 20 minute Gentle Yoga class for you…stay tuned for more virtual offerings!).
– Aromatherapy. I’ve been alternating diffusing woodsy aromas for grounding, and citrus and floral aromas for uplifting.
– Laughter. 
– Limiting exposure to media. 
– Watching movies and shows that I’m normally “too busy” to sit down and enjoy. With popcorn, of course.
– Supporting small biz and local charities. For my Charlotte, NC folks, here’s a link to one of our local food banks. 

I’d love to hear what other well-being practices you’re adding to your routine. I also invite you to reach out, if you need support. Could be as simple as a virtual hug or reminder to breathe. Could be you’d like coaching support or a virtual yoga practice, just for you. Reach out. I’m here.




In Case You Need to Breathe

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